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Update on Noble County COVID-19 Cases as of Monday Afternoon

Noble County Health Commissioner Shawn Ray issued a statement about the number of COVID-19 cases in Noble County today.

“As many of you saw over the weekend, the state reported that Noble County had three more positive COVID-19 cases. These numbers were reported out yesterday by the state of Ohio before our staff at the Noble County Health Department was able to complete its case investigation and update our reporting. Our case count should actually decrease on today’s report to four cases. Two of the three cases were former Noble County residents and their addresses had not been updated until we investigated. Their cases have now been transferred to the county where they currently reside.  The third new case will remain on the total for Noble County, but it was determined that this individual has been hospitalized in Columbus for an extended period of time and acquired COVID-19 there. Upon this individual’s recovery we understand residency will be established in another part of the state.”

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