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Unofficial National and Noble County Election Results are in!

Unofficial Election Results are in. Remember, these results may or may not stand, as absentee ballots mailed out by yesterday have until May 8 to reach the Noble County Board of Elections and be counted. Final results will be reported by the Noble County Board of Elections on May 13.

For President:
Republican candidate for President Donald Trump: 1630 votes.
Democrat candidate for President Joe Biden: 528 votes.
Democrat candidate for President Bernie Sanders: 108 votes.
All other Democrat presidential candidates received fewer than 50 votes.

Congressional Republican Representative to 6th District:
Bill Johnson: 1471 votes.
Kenneth Morgan: 181 votes.

Contested Local Races:

Democrat candidates for Noble County Sheriff:
Jason Mackie: 752 votes.
Robert W. Pickenpaugh: 558 votes.

Republican candidates for Prosecuting Attorney:
Jordan Croucher: 1315 votes.
Chandra L. Ontko: 474 votes.

Republican candidates for County Commissioner FTC 1-3-21:
Gary D. Saling: 1,104 votes.
Oran Way: 688 votes..

Republican candidates for County Engineer:
Todd Coss: 994 votes.
Del George: 736 votes.

Republican Member County Central Committee 016 Caldwell:
Jane Barnett: 96 votes.
Bonnie J. Arnold: 81 votes.

Noble Township Tax Levy:
For the Levy: 442 votes.
Against the Levy: 132 votes.

Remember, these results are not official, and more absentee ballots may arrive, and could change the results of races. Final results will be announced on May 13.

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