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Shenandoah to Establish Athletic Hall of Fame with Initial Induction Slated in August of 2021


By Jeff Harrison

Shenandoah High School came into existence in the fall of 1963 and athletics have always been a point of pride for Zep Nation.

With that in mind, a committee has formed to begin preparation to establish a Shenandoah Athletic Hall of Fame and to select a charter class which will be inducted in 2021.

The Hall of Fame will be a way to preserve the athletic history of SHS, with the individuals who have played significant roles as Zeps being recognized.

The “Hall” will include athletes, coaches and “contributors,” with the latter being individuals who have played a significant role in the athletic program for many years.

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee includes Eric Sholtis, Jeff Harrison, Justin Denius, Dan Schwieterman, Colleen Kasper, Don Ullman, Gene Davis and Jesse Wells.

This group plans to meet this fall to establish guidelines including finalizing a date for the induction (tentatively the first home football game each season).

“Shenandoah High School has had a rich history of athletic successes by so many students and coaches,” said Sholtis. “We are excited to create our Shenandoah Athletic Hall of Fame to recognize some of the most decorated student-athletes, coaches and contributors in our history.”

The committee will begin compiling a list of potential candidates, but nominations from Zep Nation are also welcome. What is needed to support the nominations are the name, year of graduation, athletic accomplishments (letters, all-star accolades, statistics, etc.) of each sport they either played or coached; college athletic information (if applicable) and other athletic achievements outside of SHS (for example, a runner who competed in various marathons or a baseball player who also played American Legion ball, etc.).

While the primary selection will be based on their high school accomplishments, the additional information helps when putting together a complete biography of the candidate’s overall accomplishments. Providing contact information for candidates (mailing address, email address, phone number) would also be helpful.

Please submit nominations to or


  1. Jan Carter on July 20, 2020 at 4:46 pm

    Sounds fantastic can I nominate by brother

  2. Maricia Overly on July 21, 2020 at 4:44 am

    Tyra Stack. Class of 66 I think. She was on the first cheer squad and helped write or choose many of the cheers and fight songs. She also helped come up with routines.

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