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Pop-up Testing December 17: It’s Easy Peasy!

A car sits at the pop-up testing site at the Noble County Fairgrounds in November while the folks inside are tested for COVID-19.

Noble County Fairgrounds 12-5p.m.

The pop-up COVID-19 testing held in November at the Noble County Fairgrounds was very successful  according the Noble County EMA and health department. 267 people were tested and a resulting 37 persons were consequently able to know they were COVID positive and should definitely quarantine going into Thanksgiving.

Because of this, the EMA and Noble County Health Department want to provide the opportunity to support the community going into Christmas as well.  To be tested, you stay in your car, wearing a mask. Most people in November were done in 10-15 minutes as the line moved quickly.  The Ohio National Guard medical personnel do the collection and our local volunteers handle registration paperwork. Even though it is still fast on site we are asking anyone who is able to please pre-register so that we can ensure we have enough testing kits on test day.  Just follow these directions and be sure to print the registration and bring it with you to testing day.

You can complete your registration form in advance by visiting


and following these instructions:

o   The account number and account name will be pre-populated on the form, and should not be modified.

o   Complete all fields that have a red *.

o   Your social security number is not required.

o   The insurance type selected will be pre-chosen as “Client Bill (free test)”

o   Provider information does not need to be entered.

o   Virus detection 720100 – SARS-CoV-2 will be pre-selected, and should not be modified.

o   Virus antibody will have nothing selected, and should not be modified.

o   Z03.818 should be selected for the DX code.

o   The sample collection date is “your testing date”

o   The custom state required questions need to be answered.

o   Once you have completed the form, select “Create E-REQ” at the bottom (make sure you are able to send the document to a printer).

o   Once the E-REQ is created, click “Print Requisition” (do NOT select print label).

o   You must bring the printed copy of your completed requisition form with you on the day of testing.


  • Results will be available in 2-3 days once it’s received in the lab and you will be able to access them online via the Mako Medical result card.

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