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Saling’s Custom Meat Processing: Same Location – Fresh New Look

Photo: Peanut Saling and Polly Dimmerling stand before their newly-remodeled entrance.

Saling’s Custom Meat Processing has been serving Noble County from the same location at 16000 Archibald Rd, Caldwell since 1987. Recently they remodeled and built a new entrance and storefront, so they’re offering the same quality products and service as always, from the same location, with a fresh, new look.

Saling’s Custom Meat Processing was opened by Charles and Gladys Saling 34 years ago. They have specialized in processing beef, hogs, lambs, goats and deer under the inspection of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

In 1998 their two youngest children, “Peanut” (Pernell) Saling and Polly Dimmerling began working full time under the careful eye of  their mother, Gladys Saling.

In 2011 Polly and Peanut took over the business and said that they are proudly continuing to serve all Saling’s Custom Meat’s customers.

“We are fulfilling our Dad’s dreams for this successful business and creating our own dreams of carrying on this family legacy,” Polly said.

In 2014 the company received their retail license through the Noble County Health Department and can therefore offer retail cuts of beef, pork, chicken and cheese. Deli meats and Saling’s homemade ham salad, cheese spread, smoked turkey salad, buffalo chicken salad and Peanut’s Famous Coleslaw are among their offerings.

They also sell breakfast sausage made from their father, Charles’ recipes, and hot or mild Italian sausage made with Peanut’s recipes.

“Most of what we sell are custom blends designed by members of the family,” Polly said.

Polly makes all the salads, and is currently working on a recipe for a spice rub she said will be great on anything, especially pork.

She said she’s decided to leave naming the new blend up to their customers. Watch their Facebook page, Saling’s Custom Meat Processing, for an announcement about a naming contest.

At the request of their customers, Saling’s has stocked their freezers and coolers with the very best cuts of meat. “We use only the best quality available,” Polly said. “Like our slogan says, you may beat our prices, but you can’t beat our meat!”

Saling’s sells beef rib eyes, T-Bones, New York Strips, ground beef and chuck roast. They sell boneless skinless chicken breasts which Polly said are some of their most popular meat cuts because they’re cut into even fillets and cleaned prior to selling them. “All you have to do is cook them!” she said. Their pork chops are very tender and moist. They also offer jerky and snack sticks.

One of their regular specials is Fresh Friday, where they keep certain items fresh cut that day. What doesn’t sell Friday is wrapped and fresh frozen.

Whenever possible, Saing’s sells locally sourced meat.

They also make a point of purchasing all their supplies for the business locally, whenever possible. “If you don’t support your local businesses, they aren’t going to be here in the future,” Polly said. “We’ve been very fortunate this year, and we’re grateful to our local business partners.”

Hours of operation are: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.; Closed Tuesday and Sunday.

For more information, call 740-732-4667. Check them out on Facebook.



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