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Additional Photos of the Firemen’s Festival 5K Run Winners

Men’s 12 and Under: Gabe Neff, left, second; Wyatt Rice, right, first.

Men’s 13-18: Blake Miller, left, second; Weston Miley, right, third.

Men’s 19-24: Chance Carpenter, left, second; Mason Ackley, center, first; Jack Ferguson, right, third.

Men’s 25-29: Jake Black, left, second; Mark Massaro, center, first; Jared Leasure, right, third.

Men’s 30-34: David Howe, left, first; Jordan Croucher, right, second.

Men’s 35-39: David Clark, left, second; Keith Wilson, right, first.

Overall Winners: Nathan Ferguson, left, second; Mason Ackley, right, first. Kendall West, not pictured, third.

Women’s 13-18: Brynn Block, left, second; Sage Speck, center, first; Callie Hesson, right, third.

Women’s 19-24: Sophie Knapp, left, second; Savannah Anderson, right, first.

Women’s 25-29: Heather Wells, first.

Women’s 30-34: Brandi Ferguson, first.

Women’s 35-39: April Clark, first.

Women’s 40-44: Tara Estadt, first.

Women’s 45-54: Nettie Nau, first.

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