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Noble County Sheriff’s Office Employs Latest In 911 Technology

Noble County Sheriff’s Office is now implementing the latest in emergency 911 technology designed to save valuable time in the face of a life-threatening crisis.
The system, known as Rapid SOS, uses smartphone technology and provides the county’s 911 dispatchers with nearly instantaneous notification with precise location information in the event a person dials 911 from a cell phone.
Rapid SOS will instantly pin the location of an emergency whether the caller is in a moving vehicle or stationary, said Noble County Sheriff Jason Mackie. The system notifies dispatchers of a potential problem before the actual call comes into the 911 system.
According to Noble County Sheriff Jason Mackie, Rapid SOS will allow people within the county’s borders to contact 911 not only by voice, but by text as well. Dispatchers in turn can respond to the caller using text messages.
The Rapid SOS system provides dispatchers with the telephone number and its location which is accurate to a 10 by 10 foot square area which is identifiable by a three word system known as “What Three Words”.
Mackie said the three word system corresponds to an app which then directs first responders to the emergency’s location.
“This will enhance response times and increase chances of survival during a life or death emergency”, Mackie added.  “When you activate your phone’s emergency contact info, that, too, will be provided to dispatchers, which will make emergency personnel even more prepared to help. The Rapid SOS system is part of an ongoing sheriff’s office effort to provide the latest in cutting edge rescue technology for everyone in the county, whether they are lifelong residents or just passing through.”

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