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Noble County Primary Election Results Summary

The Votes are In: All 19 precincts in Noble County have reported in, with 2,683 registered voters of 7,985 casting ballots. Of these, 2251 were registered as Republicans; 432 as Democrats.
The only contested race in the county was for the position of Noble County Treasurer. Here is how the votes came in:
Kelly D. Saling: 1164 votes
Kelly Pickenpaugh: 687
Kimberly D. Davis: 320
For candidate for President of the United States, Noble County voted as follows:
Biden: 260
Phillips: 114
Trump: 1905
Haley: 181
DeSantis: 52
Christie: 26
Ramaswamy: 16
See Monday’s Journal for a full report on the election.

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