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Steven Isadore Snider

Steven Isadore Snider

Steven Isadore Snider, 51, born July 27, 1969, passed away Friday, January 8, 2021, of a heart attack at his home in Las Vegas, NV.

Steve was born to Isadore A. Snider (deceased February 27, 2016) and Dolores M. (Schoepper) Snider, where he grew up in Caldwell, Ohio. Steve was the youngest of six children born into the Snider family.

Andrew Snider, married to Elaine Malley-Snider, their children;

Son – Andrew “Drew” Snider married to Allison (Foell) Snider, and Daughter – Emma Snider.

Dana Snider, married to Adrienne (Porter) Snider, their children;

Son – Christopher Snider married to Dayle Kern, and

Daughter – Jeanette Snider.

Jacqueline Snider Toncary, married to Raymond Toncary.

Scott Snider (deceased March 1, 1963)

Karen Snider, (Son – Jonathan Pangle – deceased June 9, 1989)

Steven Snider was married to Tedi Comstock Snider on October 29, 2001. He was widowed December 26, 2010.

Their children;

Daughter – Tyanna Snider Jacobo married to Mario Jacobo,

Son – Maverick Snider with Isabella “Bella” Snowden

and the youngest Daughter – Taylor Snider.

As per Steve’s wishes; he will be cremated and to “Keep it simple.” He will be eventually taken home to Ohio and laid to rest there.

According to Steve, “Family takes care of Family.” This is what he was taught and this is what he taught his children. His family was his greatest gift and his greatest accomplishment.

He and we (his family) thank you for your friendships, your love and your prayers.

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